5 People Who Should Not Go Wedding Dress Shopping with You

5 People Who Should Not Go Wedding Dress Shopping with You

1. Your Future Mother-In-Law
Some brides have super close relationships with their future mother-in-law and would feel weird not taking her shopping. Others, however, might not be completely comfortable (or comfortable at all) with the idea and that’s okay. “If she makes you reach for the Benadryl every time you have to see her because she gives you anxiety, it’s safe to say you shouldn’t take her wedding dress shopping with you,” says Masini.

2. The Drama Queen
“Drama queens will hijack your day and turn it into fodder for their chaos,” warns Masini. They stir the pot and heighten tension so if you’re looking for a namaste dress shopping experience, she suggests bringing your zen friends along instead. Hey, it’s all about keeping the peace, right?

3. Any Disapproving Relatives

Whether it’s someone on your side of the family or his, anyone who disapproves of your relationship for whatever reason should probably stay at home. Particularly those relatives who think he (or you!) could do better and are constantly comparing you to past partners, points out Masini.

4. Jealous Friends
They swear they’re happy for you and when they make a snide comment about your partner or your wedding plans it’s always followed up with a, “Oh you know, I’m just kidding!” But are they? “Jealousy is particularly ugly. If you have a sense of humor about it, these jealous people in your circle won’t bother you,” assures Masini. “If you’re sensitive and stressed out though, you should leave out those who are jealous and tend to sabotage you, consciously or subconsciously.”

5. Know-It-Alls
“These are people that think since they have watched Say Yes to the Dress they know everything there is to know about a bridal appointment and bridal gowns,” says Lelia Rice, Assistant Store Manager and Marketing Coordinator at Caryn’s Bridals, Formals & Tuxedos. “That is false and can cause the bride to get confused. Also, those shows only portray what they want people to know and think and do not always provide the correct information,” she adds.  source: brides.com

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